Saturday, October 4, 2008

Haven't been getting much painting done lately

Well, I guess my title says it all. I haven't been painting much lately, but I am starting on a collie today, which I should be able to list in a few days. What I have been doing is making little pendants, using prints of my paintings as the focal point. I've shown a couple of items above. I think they're really cute, but I've got a lot to learn about jewelry-making before I can go big-time. They take me a really, really long time to make at this time. I'm taking a precious-metals jewelry-making class this next week, in fact, to start my new educational process. It's always so much fun to learn something new. Right now, I'm putting the prints onto wood backings that my husband Randy cuts for me on his laser cutter, and then I'm "floating" resin over the tops. The resin is the hardest part of all because it has to be absolutely perfect. Very, very difficult for me, plus awfully time-consuming, with lots of rejects per session. I'll develop a technique eventually, that will allow me to work faster and more accurately, though.
Well, I just noticed a few paintings I have done since my last post, so I have been painting more than I realized -- just not in the last week or so probably. I'll try to list the most recent ones in the next few days. It seems that no one is interested in more expensive paintings these days, though, so I'm doing much smaller versions now, mostly 8x10's on heavy paper or wood. A sign of the times, I'm afraid. But I still just looooove painting, so I have to do it whether they sell or not! Maybe sometime soon, I'll have a huge painting sale so I can reclaim my closet -- and start over filling it up again! What I make from the paintings would at least buy more supplies for me! Okay, that's all for now.