Friday, April 16, 2010

Brindle Pug Painting

This is a sweet pug painting I recently completed from photos submitted by a customer.  She said she never sees any brindle pug artwork anywhere, and now I understand why.  It was really hard to get the brindle "feel" in the painting without trying to paint every hair -- which is what I'm trying to learn to avoid!

The original is a bit different from this 8x10" image in that it's on a 24x24" canvas.  It is for sale.  Contact me if you're interested. 


Kay said...

how cute! I love drawing and painting my pugs..could be the reason your client never sees pictures of brindle pugs because they aren't supposed to be that color! Blacks, fawns, peach but not brindle..although I find brindle dogs lovely!!

paintinglover said...

Beautiful. This painting has soul and was definitely worth all of the hard work you put into it.

I am Osmand Nosse said...

i love this. it reminds me of a chap i was in school with, his name was gary.