Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weimaraner in Red Pickup Truck - Oops, I forgot to post this painting!

This is a painting I finished last week and forgot to post!  It's a weimaraner belonging to a friend/customer of mine, who loves her weimer!  I did a commissioned painting for her of this same dog, the one where she's lying down, with one paw out front, looking wistfully at the viewer.  It's not too far back in my posts if you haven't seen it.

Anyway, this was a lot of fun because of the red truck and the glass and the reflections.  I hadn't had any experience with such things, so I learned a lot from it.  Hope you like it.  Unlike most of my paintings, it's in acrylics as usual, but it's on a heavy watercolor paper, which I wasn't crazy about painting on, to be honest about it.  First of all, it ate my poor hand up; it's really scratchy, which surprised me.  Also, not being a watercolorist, I didn't realize how much watercolor paper soaks up any moisture.  I like rich, saturated color, so I really had to lay the paint on - over and over and over!  I'm finally happy with it, though.  But I won't use watercolor paper again with anything but watercolors, if I should ever decide to give them a try.

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erin said...

Dottie! Thank you again for being so sweet as to send along the painting of Zoey. I had it printed as a 12x18 at Ritz and am in the process of picking out a mat and frame. Rick is going to absolutely love it, and this little gem will hang proudly amongst our growing collection in the "Dracos Gallery!" I so enjoy your blog posts and will be praying that all of your "stuff" arrives quickly and in good order...did you happen to stash some GOOD peanut butter in there?!?
Warmeste Regards, e.