Friday, April 27, 2012

Hereford Cow at Tillamook, OR

This is a small cow painting I just finished today of a Hereford cow that I photographed in Tillamook, OR, near the cheese factory there.  It was a fun, beautiful day, and I photographed a lot of farm animals, many of which I've already painted.  This girl was really suspicious of me and my camera but curious enough that I managed to get a few shots of her before she took off to a safe distance.

I'm going back to the Coast next week, so I'll be getting some more good images to be painting.

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Victoria said...

Stopping by from the Artfire Follow blog forums links. I don't know how to follow your blog. So anyway, stop on over and say hi, leave a comment and check out my Facebook too if you like, thanks! Another fellow Oregonian from Ashland. I G+ this link ;)


April 28, 2012