Sunday, July 8, 2012

Grand Canyon Kaibab Trail on North Rim, Mules and Rider

I'm finally getting some work done again.  I mentioned this painting in a previous posting, and here it is.  It took forever, but I'm pretty happy with the final results.

This painting is created from photos I took when my daughter, Lara, and I went camping on the north rim of Grand Canyon and took a trek down the Kaibab Trail to the bottom.  It was exhausting and exhilirating.  I took these photos of a rider bringing three mules and some supplies out of the bottom.

I must say:  Landscapes are much, much harder than they might seem.  But I'm hooked!  I'm still going to paint dogs, cats, and other animals, but I'm definitely going to pursue more landscape paintings.

Following this listing, I'm going to be listing two more paintings I have recently finished, one just today, in fact.

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