Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Beautiful Blue Pit Bull -- and Trials and Tribulations of trying to use my Blog as a Website!

Okay, I tried to embed my Etsy store here, and I can't figure it out.  Darn, I would rather just paint!  But I feel I need a connection with the internet now that I've tossed out my website, and I was hoping to use my blog to serve that need.  Obviously, I'll keep trying, but now I need to paint.

I'll add one painting I finished a few days ago, which the original has already been sold, but I do have prints available at my Etsy  (  and Artfire ( shops.    

This is a beautiful "blue" pit bull which I did for a customer -- not a custom, as I've stated before, but one from photos she submitted to me in hopes that I would paint it.  I did.  And she bought the original -- again, at a fraction of the prices I charge (when I'm taking orders for them, which I'm not at present) for custom paintings.  I think he turned out beautifully.


LilacsNDreams said...

Nice picture!! It takes time, but can be done using your blog as a website. Many others have done it, and I have seen some succeed with it too. I have worked on my blog for a long time since 2009...learning, changing, adding, removing, etc etc. issue/glitch happened that I lost my blog & had to start over! I applied things I learned, and it slowly as been growing again for me.

Since I share links to my shops on my blog, have different pages I have added to my blog...etc etc, I stay active with it which makes it good for google searches. Another thing that helps greatly is having a domain directed to your blog too. I have my .com domain directed to my blog, and it looks great on business cards too.

Buttons can be added for buy it now with paypal, or depending what payment services you are signed up with you can also invoice your customers through those google wallet, or whatever else is being used.

On your blog you can apply your widgets from Etsy, and Artfire that people can also click on those to buy right away, and they are taken to the shopping cart for that site to make their purchase too.

Many things that can be done, finding what works for you is more comfortable to work with, and don't give up. Just keep plucking at it, and it shall all come together for you. I wish you much luck, and success with all your sales, and all you do. Hmmm, just wonderful picture you are showing!! Take care.......


Dottie said...

Kim, thank you so much! Yes, I intend to figure out how to make the most of my blog. I like the entire blog concept so much more than a standard website, anyway. I like the interactional quality of it much more than the static style of a traditional website.