Saturday, October 20, 2012

Another! Aussie painting!

This is an Australian shepherd painting I finished a couple of days ago.  He's one of four custom paintings commissioned by the first lucky person to take advantage of my once again taking custom orders.  I'll try to remember the other three that I'll be doing:  Let's see, there's an Australian cattle dog (aka red heeler), a Brussels griffon, and a golden retriever.  I think that's all of them.  I'll be starting the second one today, actually.  I don't know yet which one I'm going to start first, though.  I'm excited about doing the griffon; I've never done one before, and I think they are so very cute!  And I've always been fond of the cattle dogs.  Their head structure is very interesting to me.  They're not necessarily very large dogs, but they have a good strong looking, muscular looking head.  And, of course I love goldens.  I've only had one in my lifetime, but he was a real sweetheart.  He lived to be fourteen years old and was very special to me.  And, well, Aussies, I've done so many of them that I feel as if I know them all personally.  They're a bit difficult to paint, though, because every one is entirely different from all the others I've painted.  This one pictured here, is of course, a tricolor with a lot of blue merle markings.  I hear from his mom that I even made him look sweet!!  I'm assuming he can be a bit of a stinker sometimes, judging from that comment.

Okay.  I've been baby-sitting all day (which I loooooove to do) while my daughter worked with her students at a dressage schooling show today.  One of her students won first place, by the way!  Now, though, it's time to go out to my studio and get to work for today.  I didn't go to Portland Saturday Market today because the weather forecast was quite iffy, but it's been for the most part a beautiful day here in Beaverton and I'm sure in downtown Portland, too.  Darn, deceived by the weather man yet again!

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