Thursday, November 6, 2014

An absolutely beautiful Holstein cow painting I just finished

Holstein Cow Lying in Field Original Acrylic Painting 16x20x0.75"
I have been working on this girl fairly steadily - and lovingly for a change - since I was in France, where I roughed her in.  But today, I finally finished her.  She was such a great pleasure to paint; every paint stroke was well thought out and deliberate.  I am quite proud of her and hope I can continue to work in such a comfortable and relaxed manner.  (Well, I can't call this painting "work." It was too much fun.)

Hope you like her.  I'm still on a farm animal kick, so I'll be adding even more new paintings over the next couple of months.

And I also let in a couple of custom paintings to regular, long-term customers, so I'll be showing those, too, in the next few weeks.


Anonymous said...

I am a self-taught artist. I work in acrylics because I don't have the patience for oils! I love your work. Your work proves an artist can get beautiful results without using oils. I paint everything but my favorite subject is people, which I consider the most difficult. I am in the middle of my NINTH home remodel! I am a serious "tool girl". I can't wait to begin painting for "art sake" again instead of painting walls! Keep up the beautiful work! Pat

Dottie said...

Hi, Pat. So good to hear from another artist -- also self-taught! Yes, I have worked with oils from time to time; and honestly, I do like the way they feel and the results. I can get the same look with acrylics, but it does take a lot more effort in my opinion. But life's short, and acrylics are just easier to work with -- and with that extra bit of effort, as beautiful as oils. I'm impressed that you paint people. I tried it years ago, and it just isn't for me -- definitely too intimidating!

Regarding home remodels, I think you must have some kind of record. I have recently moved into a 100-year-old-plus building, which is part of a two-house piece of property my family and I bought together. They're living in the adorable (also over 100 years old) farmhouse right next door, and I have taken on the biggest challenge of this sort in my life. I'm soon going to be showing some photos of the building as we saw it first and then some of the inside in the rooms I have chosen to restore, both before and in progress.

I've always been told that I'm eccentric, and I never completely believed it before. After having taken on this challenge, I'm beginning to think all my family and friends are right! But I'm loving every minute of it.

I look forward to hearing back from you on both your newest house remodeling project but also on some of your artwork.

Thanks for your comments on my work! Dottie