Friday, February 6, 2015

Several Practice Paintings I've been working on

I'm kind of busy these days not making money but trying to bring my landscape painting skills up to what I consider "good enough to sell."  But I want to keep track of where I've started and where I hope I'll be going, so I'm listing just a few I've done in the past few days.  

Let me say a bit about these little paintings (and they are small, some 8x10, some only around 7 x 8).  I'm painting them within a very strict 15-minute time limit, so I'm really, really having to think before I start, plan what's important, and try to get it down in a fairly believable way that quickly.  I just scanned these little paintings for the sake of saving time in getting them up, and for some reason, they seem just slightly out of focus.  Please, if you have any comments, positive or negative, kindly let me know by commenting.  I would really appreciate any feedback I can get.  My family are the only ones who have seen them so far, and they are a bit blind to my faults!

Bathing bird, 15 minutes about 6x6"

Bull Run River study, about 6 x 8"

Langeland, Denmark, Beach with Vacation House,  8x10" This painting is the only time exception:  I couldn't get enough info in within 15 minutes, so I took 25 on this one.

Bird sitting on Twig, in Sunlight, around 5x6"

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