Saturday, April 23, 2016

Really enjoying the ceramic clay work after a long break

 These are just a few of the pieces I've been making lately.  The bottom photo is a sushi dish set that I made for my son-in-law for his birthday -- with home-made sushi on them, of course!!  I'll be making custom sushi sets before long and will list them in my Etsy shop,
(Hope that link works!)

I've also been making a few larger animal sculptures, too.  I've done a dog, which is about a foot-or-more tall, a cat, which is around 10 inches tall, and I'm working on a larger dog, which is around 1 1/2 feet tall.  They're a bit slow-going, though, because I'm out of practice at sculpting -- but getting better!

I'm missing painting quite a lot lately, too, so I'll try to do that as soon as I get a few more ceramic pieces done.

I tried retiring for a while some months back, but I just enjoy all my art"work" too much to think of quitting -- but I have to pay for my materials and new toys, too, so I have to keep making at least enough to cover my costs.  I'm even thinking about getting a new potter's wheel, too.  I haven't done that in forever!  (except for a few hours I have spent at one of the art galleries here in town where I can rent time on a wheel)  Life is good.