Commission a Custom Painting

                            ***HOW TO COMMISSION A CUSTOM PAINTING BY ME**

I will be delighted to create a custom painting of your pet, regardless of what it is!  I have painted mostly dogs, cats, and farm animals, but I've also painted birds and rats!  I also do custom landscape paintings.  If you choose to have me create a painting for you, I'll work with you as closely as necessary to create a painting that you'll love,  This includes pose, background choice, sizes, orientation, etc.  After we've agreed on a specific pose and I start on the painting, I'll send you an in-progress photo of it at a point where it is good enough for you to see where it's going but still early enough that you'll be able to make reasonable changes, such as, say, eye color or background color, add or remove, say, a collar, etc.

I also like to get some personal information, such as name, gender, personality traits, etc. about the subject I'll be painting, too.

To commission a custom acrylic or oil (your choice) painting of your pet or if you have questions about commissioning a painting, please email me,  



   According to the US copyright laws, I, Dottie Dracos, the artist and all my descendants, have exclusive copyrights to my artwork.  These rights include the ability to show and/or sell reproductions of the painting.

You, the commissioner of the artwork, own the actual physical painting,   However, you do not have the right to reproduce the painting, for sale or otherwise.  

If you understand and agree to the copyright information, 

2.  NEXT, CONTACT ME, and SEND PHOTOS (preferably by email):

*Size of Images:  You'll need to send me five to twelve large, color, well-lit, clear, in-focus photos of your pet.  If they're sent online (which is what I prefer), they must be clear, in natural light, in focus, close, in true colors, and at the very least 100Kb in size. No flash photos, please.  (And I'm sorry, I just cannot work anymore with poor quality photos, or I will not combine two -- or several -- photos into one painting.  However, if the pet has died and they're all you have, I'll see what I can do.  But if your pet has died -- and you don't have good photos -- you must accept the best I can do.  I am not a magician; I can only do my best.)

If your photos are actual paper photos, they absolutely must meet the same standards I've listed above for online photos, and they must be at least 8x10" in size, with the subject close up to the camera) for me to see details. Contact me for my mailing address to send actual photos.

*Composition:  Most people seem to like head-and-neck or head-and-chest paintings best.   If you want a full-body painting, sitting, lying, or action shots can look great. Try to photograph your pet either in action (for full-body paintings), when she/he is very alert (paying attention to you, for example),  or when he/she is relaxed, maybe after a walk or a round of play??  If your pet likes a special toy or a ball, you can include that in the photo(s). Most importantly, though, be sure that the photos you send include at least one shot that has the pose that you want your pet to be painted in.   And realize that I will paint pretty much exactly what I see in the photograph that I use.

Setting or Background:   If there's a specific color background you want, let me know and I'll do my best to work with it.  I'll let you know if I think it doesn't quite work and give you some alternative color choices that you might want me to do instead.    Also, let me know your pet's name, her/his breed, personality, age, and anything else about her/him that you think I should know as I paint.

STYLE:  I tend to paint in a few different styles, so  If you wish, you can let me know which of some of my earlier paintings you like.  It'll give me more of an idea of what you would like.  And remember, I work with you all the way on the painting, and small changes can be made as I go.

2. MAKE DEPOSIT:  A 1/4 deposit is required before painting is started. (I'll send you a bill for the deposit after you've contacted me and sent photos.)  I generally bill you through Paypal; but if you prefer to pay by check, that's perfectly fine, too.

3.  OPTIONAL ADDITIONS: Each additional subject per painting requires a 3/4 additional charge over the base price.  Sometimes if a background you want is particularly complicated, such as, say, a landscape background, I will have to charge an extra fee.  If you have a photo of a setting or background that you want to be included and are unsure if it's "complicated," send me a photo and I'll let you know if there will be an extra charge.

4.  TURNAROUND TIME:  Paintings are done in the order deposits are received. Contact me,, for approximate turnaround time.

5.  OTHER NOTES:   Sorry, I don't paint human subjects.
                                     I do appreciate "subject" requests, too.  For instance, someone recently
                                           requested a solid black Angus cow, and I'll be painting one soon and
                                           have it up for sale when it's done.


All paintings, unless otherwise agreed upon, are on stretched canvases, sides painted the same as the general background color -- or black or another color of your choice --and without staples.

*Prices shown are for one subject.
*Additional Subject:  There is a 3/4 additional charge for each additional subject on a canvas, and the smallest canvas I will add another subject is the 16x20.
* Shipping:   Shipping is based on the size and weight of the canvas you purchase.  For an idea of what shipping will cost, I charge $12 to ship an 11x14x3/4" painting.  If you want an exact price, check with me and I'll get you a shipping price quote from the post office.  Shipping insurance is generally included, covering the actual price of the painting.
* 1/4 deposit required to begin commission.

                               SIZE                 HEAD/CHEST         FULL BODY    

                            11x14x3/4                $245                         $268 (not recommended)
                            11x14x1.5                $255                         $284(not recommended)
                            16x20x3/4                $379                         $421
                            16x20x1.5                $390                         $429
                            18x24x3/4                $433                        write me
                            18x24x1.5                $451                         write me
                            20x24x3/4                $502                        $544
                            20x24x1.5                $520                         $555
                            24x30x3/4                $674                         $729
                            24x30x1.5                $689                         $813
                            24x36x3/4                $793                         write me    
                            24x36x1.5                $813                         write me      
                            30x40x3/4                $1044                         write me      
                            30x40x1.5                $1160                              "              
                            36x48x3/4                $1446                            "              
                            36x48x1.5                $1487                            "              
                            40x60x1 3/8             $2298                            "
                            60x72x1.5                $3499                            "

* Larger or different dimensions, please contact me,, for a quote. Prices are subject to change at any time.  However, if you have already made your deposit on a custom painting, the price after you have made your deposit will not change.

                                    *****VERY IMPORTANT "LEGALESE" NOTICE*****

  Once you have commissioned and I have completed a commissioned painting, or any other painting on my own, all legal rights to the painting are mine alone.  You will own the original painting, of course; but all legal rights to the image itself, including the right to sell prints, are the exclusive property of me, Dottie Dracos, the artist.  Accordingly, you will not have the right to reproduce the painting for sale or otherwise.

If you do not want me to have the right to reproduce prints of your painting, I will charge a sizeable "no-reproductions" fee and will never have the right to reproduce your painting for sale.  (I retain the right still, though, to "show off" the painting image -- but never to sell it.)

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