Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Weathermen

THIS PAINTING HAS SOLD. Prints are available on my website. Okay, I've finally reached my saturation point with dogs and took a break to paint this wonderful painting of three crows I saw at a sleepy fishing village on the Gulf Coast of Florida (sorry, I don't remember the name of the village at this moment) when I was there back in February. They were hanging out, sitting atop a sign and looked for all the world as if they were checking out the weather. So this title has a bit of a double meaning: first, the obvious one, that they're looking at the sky to predict the weather; second, refers to a political/protest song by Bob Dylan in which he says something like "only the weathermen know which way the wind blows," speaking of changing times, which we're definitely going through now, obviously. Anyway, I really, really enjoyed doing this painting, and actually, I prefer to think of it in the lighter sense, that these guys know something we don't about upcoming weather and are just hanging out on a beautiful day!

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