Saturday, March 28, 2009

"Furball," the Cat

I am sooooo proud of this painting! I was afraid to do cats because I thought they would be really difficult after all the dog paintings I've done - but believe it or not, it was actually easier! Probably because cats (well, this one anyway) have so much hair! Anyway, this cat is a donation for a fundraiser for the Feral Cat Coalition here in Portland - hope it raises lots of money for them. It was a cat I saw sitting on a porch in my neighborhood. I think s/he was enjoying the rare pretty day we were having that day. I'll have prints of it on pendants and earrings; and if you live around Portland, OR, and want to go bid on it, check with them and find out exactly when their auction is going to be - and let me know if you win it, too!

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Constance said...

YOU are a fabulous artist! Keep up the wonderful work! What a body of work!