Friday, January 29, 2010

Black Pug in Park

Here's a little girl I just finished painting for a client; so obviously, the original is already sold.  Her name is Prescilla, and I hear that she's a real sweetheart.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rose City Classic Dog Show, January 20-24 - I'll be there!

No pic this time -- just a note to let you know I'll be showing my artwork at the Rose City Classic AKC Dog Show in Portland, OR, at the Expo Center, January 20-24th.  If you attend the show, stop by and say hi and see my latest paintings, pendants, and prints in person.  Look forward to seeing you there.  Wow, am I tired!  Need lots of coffee and tea to get through this week!  Wish me luck!  Dottie

Monday, January 11, 2010

Great Dane Portrait "What, Me Worry?"

Here's another acrylic painting I just finished.  It's obviously a Great Dane, fawn in color, that I photographed (with permission) at the Portland Saturday Market in Portland, OR, this past autumn.  He was a real sweetheart and posed very nicely for me for quite a few photos.  Maybe later when I have more time, I'll do another painting of him.  The painting is available for sale.  It is on a 16x20" canvas, on 3/4"-deep sides, painted same as the background, staples only on the back side, wired and ready to frame or hang as is.   The price is $250.00, plus shipping.

This painting, along with many others I've done, will also be shown between the days of January 20 to 24 at the Rose City Classic Dog Show, so there's a possibility it will sell at that time.  So if you're interested in it, please be sure to contact me before the show.   Oh, and if you're at the show, please stop by and introduce yourself; I would love to meet those who follow my work.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Black and Tan Puppy

This is a painting of our latest family addition, a little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (black and tan) puppy, named Sammy.  He's a little terror at the moment, driving all the other dogs mad with his constant flurry of activity, but he's a sweetheart, too. 

The original is not available, but prints and pendants are available at my website,

I'm on a bit of a painting run these days and don't even have time to list everything I've been painting on my blog -- but they all can be seen at my website, on the home page.  So if you want to see them all right away, be sure to stop by and check them out.  I'll eventually try to get everything on my blog, too, just not right now because I'm awfully busy!!!

Speaking of being busy, and on a non-art note to be sure, I am a Grandmother now!!!!!  My daughter and her husband on December 14, 2009, had their first child and my first granddaughter, a precious little baby girl named Elena Noel Aguilera Mogensen.  Mom, my daughter Lara, and baby Elena and Mark, the very proud dad are all doing very well -- well, Mom and Dad are exhausted, but little Elena is quite happy and well-rested, too.  Mark's parents are here as well, visiting us all the way from Odense, Denmark, Mark's home town.  Elena is going to be raised knowing both languages and grandparents and other relatives on both sides of the Atlantic (and I'm even sneaking in a bit of French as much as I'm allowed, too, so she'll possibly be a tri-lingual, not just bi-lingual, little girl!)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Maltese in Afternoon Sunlight

This is a sweet little maltese commission I finished recently.  His name is Bentley, and he's a beauty.

I'm taking a short break from doing commissioned paintings, probably until around the first of March, 2010.  Commissions are a bit stressful, just because I want so much to do the best I can do for the client, so from time to time, I need a break so I can "loosen up" a bit.  So be looking out for what I hope is some looser work for the next couple of months.

I'm currently working on a giant schnauzer, a black pug (for which I get requests ALL the time! and I'm finally taking the time to paint one), and our own little black-and-tan Cavalier King Charles spaniel, named Sammy.  He's an adorable puppy of five months at this time and is a real challenge for our other three older dogs, Higgins, the shih tzu; my precious Harry Barker, the pomeranian; and Casey, the rat terrier mix.  So I'll be listing those very soon.  And then who knows what I'll do.  Maybe a few non-dog paintings????  Sounds fun!

But first:  I have a big dog show, the Rose City Classic, here in Portland, OR, which starts, I think, on January 18 - more exact details later - that I'll be attending to show off (and hopefully sell) my paintings, prints, and pendants.  I have a LOT of work to do before the show, so at least for now I'll be doing dog paintings only.  Wish me luck!