Friday, January 1, 2010

Maltese in Afternoon Sunlight

This is a sweet little maltese commission I finished recently.  His name is Bentley, and he's a beauty.

I'm taking a short break from doing commissioned paintings, probably until around the first of March, 2010.  Commissions are a bit stressful, just because I want so much to do the best I can do for the client, so from time to time, I need a break so I can "loosen up" a bit.  So be looking out for what I hope is some looser work for the next couple of months.

I'm currently working on a giant schnauzer, a black pug (for which I get requests ALL the time! and I'm finally taking the time to paint one), and our own little black-and-tan Cavalier King Charles spaniel, named Sammy.  He's an adorable puppy of five months at this time and is a real challenge for our other three older dogs, Higgins, the shih tzu; my precious Harry Barker, the pomeranian; and Casey, the rat terrier mix.  So I'll be listing those very soon.  And then who knows what I'll do.  Maybe a few non-dog paintings????  Sounds fun!

But first:  I have a big dog show, the Rose City Classic, here in Portland, OR, which starts, I think, on January 18 - more exact details later - that I'll be attending to show off (and hopefully sell) my paintings, prints, and pendants.  I have a LOT of work to do before the show, so at least for now I'll be doing dog paintings only.  Wish me luck!

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