Friday, May 28, 2010

Golden Retriever with Ball

This is a painting I just finished today, and I really like it.  For me, it is a wild departure, though, which made me really uncomfortable, I'm afraid.  It's a bit more abstract than most of my dog paintings, but I think I needed to do this - be a bit more spontaneous, that is, in doing the painting.  Scary!

It's 16x20x3/4", staple-free sides, wired and ready to hang -- Sorry, this painting has sold. 

I should mention that, actually:  I sometimes mention here that certain paintings are for sale.  As my paintings are also shown in other venues, I cannot promise that they'll always be available if listed here.  So if you're interested in a painting, just email me to check on its availability.


Sue Haney said...

I love this I am just starting to try water color painting your work is inspirational.

Candy Kelly said...

I love the angle of this. Beautiful work. I wish you'd do a Youtube tutorial on how to paint dogs using watercolor. Just maybe a twenty minute speed tutorial for those of us who need a little help. I used to have a Keeshond. He was a bright, intelligent, beautiful boy.