Friday, May 7, 2010

Yet another pug! This is Lola's sister - whose name I can't remember!

This is the other pug I finished for my friend.  Her eyes really, really are this wild looking, and my friend says she sees fine, though.  Weird!  But cute -- as a button!

This original has also already sold, but again, prints and pendants are available on my website,  (I'm going to gradually end using my "wildwildthings" name because it no longer reflects my current artwork.  I started it when I did my ceramic animal masks, and it was great for those.  But it just doesn't go with my more "elegant" work these days.  (I think, by the way, I really, really have quit doing the ceramic dog/cat/fish masks - for good this time!)  I have a few left that I'm selling on Etsy, and then they're gone!  Forever!

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