Tuesday, June 8, 2010

1000 Markets & Artfire report

Well, so far, I don't have much to report on my testing of the two above art/crafts venues, 1000 Markets and Artfire.  I've only listed a few items on each one and have gotten only what appears to be views from other people selling art or craft items on the sites.  I will continue to list more items, though, and report back. 

I don't want to judge either site at this point because on the surface, at least, they're nice looking.  I just don't know if they get enough traffic to generate much income.  (But that could change in the future, too.)  And although I do quite well on the biggie site, Etsy, and rather well on my own website, I would rather be able to sell more of my work online rather than primarily at art shows -- just easier.  Although I might add that an artist's presence at art shows is essential, too, even with a better sales volume online. 

All this being said, I am first an artist and next a person who has to pay her bills.  I have chosen to be an artist, and I love passionately what I do - but those darned bills still have to be paid.  And if I'm going to stay at home in my studio and paint all day, every day, I've got to pay the bills with the results of my fun but hard work - i.e., my paintings and prints.  More to follow . . .

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