Tuesday, June 8, 2010

English Springer Spaniel enjoying a Yummy Toy

This is Lady.  She's an English Springer Spaniel, and she's May's winner of a monthly contest we started last March.  The winner of this entry, Missy Reynolds, Lady's mom, gets a free 8x10 print or a pendant, her choice.  Plus, she gets first choice at the purchase of the original 8x10 on wood paneling painting for $50 if she so chooses.  If she doesn't want the original, I'll make it available to the general public.  So, in other words, there's no requirement to buy anything at all if you enter the contest - in fact, you get something free if you win.  Also, if your entry didn't win in the month you entered, you have the option to contact me to say you're resubmitting for the following month.

To enter your pet's pic(s), send high-quality photos (at least three) of your pet.  We'll let you know at the end of each month if your pet was chosen.  We, the family members involved in my business, vote on our choice; then the winner from the final three of those choices is drawn from a hopper.  If you want more info on entering, just get in touch with me, dottie@wildwildthings.com, and either my daughter Lara or I will write you back with more info.  Also, there's a lot more info on the contest on our facebook page, listed I think above this posting -- well, somewhere on here, anyway; I'm not really sure where.


BarbaraK said...

Hi! Just stumbled across your blog and wanted to say your paintings are wonderful- keep up the great work!

Tommi Alexis said...

Great paintings... and the contest is a really neat idea!

Dottie Dracos said...

Thank you so much! I'm really glad you like my work. Dottie