Monday, September 27, 2010

Here's an offer from Artfire that I want to share

I do not work for Artfire, first of all; but I love it so far as a venue to sell artwork, crafts, and even vintage.  (Not sure about buy/sell, except for vintage - you would have to check.  But I hope not.)    Anyway, they're having some kind of deal going on now - as a current member, I was allowed to opt-in on it, too - where you get a fixed monthly fee of $5.95 - forever!  I've mentioned before, and I'll mention again - they charge absolutely no other fees at all!  The catch is that you have to work to bring traffic to your shop - which I'm learning isn't that hard.  And I would be happy to help anyone out with my so-far limited knowledge of setting up (easy) and bringing traffic to your shop if you need any.  But their tutorials - and help from fellow members - are great.  Anyway, here's the link if you want to look at it:

Sunday, September 26, 2010

French Bulldog Fawn Original Painting

Okay, I'm back! My move has been accomplished, and I'm just getting back to work.  Right now, I'm testing a shopping cart feature of my new favorite venue (see earlier posts to read all about it) Artfire.  The image you see above my notes here allows you to buy this painting directly from my blog.  I tried to get it to work on my website, but I've been unable to.  I'll keep trying.  If not, I may have to get a new website host because I love this feature from Artfire.

Because I've been out of touch for a couple of weeks, I have to keep working right now.  But I promise very soon to talk about the move.  For now, at least it's over!