Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Great Art Site I've Just Discovered

This is the greatest site I've found in a very, very long time:  It allows you to go into art galleries all over the world and see the paintings and cruise around the galleries.  And, believe it or not, you can get up as close and personal as you want with a large number of the paintings.  You can see the brush strokes - clearly!!  You can see, for example, on some of Van Gogh's paintings, even some of his pencil markings.  Not all, just a select number of them - but it's a great select number for sure!

A hint for using the site:  If you're like me and get motion sick at the slightest change in scenery, you can forego going through the galleries themselves and just go straight to the featured paintings in each gallery.  Hope you enjoy it.  Let me know what you think, okay?

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