Friday, March 4, 2011

The Irish Wolfhound is Finished

I just finished this painting this afternoon.  Every time I do a long-haired dog, I say I'm going to take a break from them for a while.  This one went a little easier than usual, but I still have an awful time with them.  Maybe it's because I personally am partial to short-haired dogs.  (Except!!!:  My precious little sweetie name Harry Barker, a pekingese-pomeranian mix, about the cutest dog ever.)  I'll have to remember to put up some photos of him soon.  He really is just a little hairball running around the house, but really, he has a brain - a tiny one, but for a hairball, he's pretty smart!  Hope you like my latest painting here. 

Next, I have several custom paintings I need to do, so I'll be working a lot harder the rest of this month.  I'll be sure to post the results.  I know that two of them are for German shepherds, one I don't know what it is yet, and then two terrier mixes after those three.  It's going to be an exhausting month of March.


Kay said...

I love Irish Wolfhounds. I just rescued a German Shepherd named can see her pic over on my blog. Let's face it..I love dogs

Artfire Painters said...

Hi, Kay. I love dogs, too!

By the way, I'm starting to paint two custom German shepherds in the next few days, so keep an eye out for them, too. I think they are so beautiful - and aristocratic looking. -Dottie

JennFamousArt said...

wow! what talent! I love dogs too!! I have a black pug, and she's a sweetheart! very protective of her mommy!