Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Most Recent Commissioned Painting which I did before Leaving USA

This is a painting I finished right before I was leaving for Denmark.  These are Tasie and Tierre, relaxing on the grass.  One is an American Eskimo, and the other is a Rottweiler, both females. 

It was a pleasure to paint them, and I am so glad to report that the mom of these two was very happy with her two pups' portrait.

I have one more commissioned painting I will be doing, of two adorable terriers.  Unfortunately, I still have to wait for my shipment from the US to get to all my paints, brushes, and canvas to be able to get to work on them.  I started their painting before I left for Denmark, but I just wasn't happy with the way it was going.  So, with the mom's permission, I asked for time to re-start the entire painting from a different point of view.  That situation rarely happens with me; but when it does, I cannot be happy with what I think would have been a less-than-ideal painting, so I completely start anew!  I'll share the results just as soon as I get the painting done.

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