Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I'm in a slump -- still

 Okay, here are the pretty good and the bad/ugly results of the two paintings I listed earlier.
I finished the bird and dragonfly paintings.  Even though it's just a little study (11x14 on canvas), I like the bird pretty well.

The dragonfly, on the other hand, leaves me dissatisfied.  Well, to me, it's still a work in progress.  The background is distracting and not flattering at all to the dragonfly.  I'll think for a while and either do something different to it -- or put it away indefinitely.

The use of oils, though, is encouraging.  I think once I get the hang of them (they behave amazingly differently than acrylics, which was quite a shock to me), I'm going to wonder why I ever did acrylics.

However, at least until I use up all my life-savings-amount of acrylics that I have, I'm going to use them for my under-painting.  They work fine for that.

Well, back to work.  I've been watching some great art videos at a website that I finally decided to plunk down the money for; artclick.tv is the site if you want to check it out.  In fact, I've been watching so many videos that my eyes hurt, I've neglected my paintings, I've become entirely overwhelmed with too many ideas and techniques and opinions -- oh my!   In the long run, though, I think I'm going to emerge from this self-enforced crash-course as a better painter.  We shall see . . . .


Kay said...

I think you have mastered the oil paint beautifully. I love using oils..but acrylics can be fun. Most of my artist friends wondered why I was working in oils when my subject matter and technique lent itself to the use of acrylics..but I love the sensuous feel of the oil paint and the smells, traditions from generations of artists. My first attempts with acrylics were back in the late 60's..and they were not very good paints. Now they do seem to be much better..way more excellent choices.
I have found that I go through periods where I look at lots of artists until my head swims and I get somewhat confused..could be the old brain gets pooped out easier..but sometimes I just have to have a day of play in the studio. I don't look at old work or work in progress..I just clear the table and spray, splatter, texture and have a good time doing whatever I want to. This has led me to new and fun work in watercolors and acrylics and helped me get my first one woman show. For someone who always painted in oils..my show is totally different..lots of mixed watermedias and even glitter. So in this rambling comment..my advice is to get away from your current paintings for one day and play with art. Take a walk, get a latte and wander around town..whatever it takes to get refreshed. Then you will feel more like solving any problems..although I see no great problems with what you have done so far!!!!

Dottie said...

Oh, Kay, you're so sweet! You give me hope to continue down this most difficult path I've chosen. (I love it, though.)

By the way, I looked at some of your artwork (not a lot because I'm overloaded with work). I loved your fish paintings! They are so cheerful and well done, too. Again, thanks so much for your comments. All the best, Dottie