Saturday, March 10, 2012

American Goldfinch with teasels, No. 13 of 30 Daily Painting

This is an American Goldfinch painting I did.  It's an acrylic painting on 8x10x3/4" stretched canvas, with the sides painted the same color as the background.  It's wired on the back and is ready to hang either framed or unframed, as you choose.

The American male goldfinch is characteristically black and yellow; the female is beautiful but not nearly as bright as the male. It is well known in Iowa, Washington, and New Jersey, where it is the state bird in all three states.  It is also well known in Oregon, where it lives all year round.  American goldfinches are very welcome and common at bird-feeders, where they primarily eat sunflower and nyjer seeds. They are also very fond of teasel seeds, as the painting shows.

Hope you like this painting.  It was a pleasure to paint.  Each day now, I feel that I am becoming a better painter.  Seventeen paintings to go.

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