Thursday, March 22, 2012

Basset Hound Pup Portrait

This is number 16 in my 30 day painting challenge!

This little guy is painted on an 8x10 stretched canvas, with 3/4" sides, painted the same blue as the background.  It's wired on the back and ready to hang, with or without a frame.  It's available for sale on my website,

The lovable Basset Hound, has a very positive reputation as being generally very calm, well behaved, gentle, and devoted companion dog. They are very fond of human interraction, and are known as being extremely well behaved with children, and have the intelligence to show extra care around them. They're a slow moving type of dog, with short, and stout legs. And as any hound, they rarely bark, and howl more often than not, but when they do bark, it is very deep, and has an almost musical tone to it.
Basset Hounds are also very skilled at doing tricks, and will quickly learn various kinds of them, provided that they get a treat, of course!

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