Saturday, October 13, 2012

White Flower in PDX

Here's the flower I talked about in my last post - the one that I spotted as I walked to Portland Saturday Market last Saturday.  I'm happy with it and wish I could keep the original for myself -- alas, however, I have to make a living and so must put it up for sale.  It's going to the market with me this weekend and will be listed on my couple of online venues (Artfire and Etsy) early next week.  It's acrylic on a stretched canvas, 24x24x3/4", with the sides painted the same color as the background, wired and ready to hang as is - or, of course, with a frame if you wish.

I have moved my studio from a room in my house to a shed outside my house to make space for a room for my little granddaughter when she spends the night with me.  So far I like the shed:  It's cosy, private!!!, "inspiring" (because when I'm there, I know I'm there to work and only to work, whereas inside my house, I always had "distractions" that could take me away at a second's notice from my work.)  It was a good move, and my little sweetie loves her new room here.

Well, off to the market for a soggy weekend, I'm afraid.  For those of you who don't live in the Pacific Northwest, we have two seasons pretty much:  wet and dry.  We had a nice three-month of completely dry weather (no kidding, the weather service said we had an 87-day run of almost totally dry days, with a few precious raindrops that fell for literally minutes a few days in there - not even enough to get the yard damp.  Now the rains have come!  That means we'll see a very rare dry day - or part of one - until sometime next early summer if we're lucky.  This past summer (meaning dry time) didn't start until sometime in mid July, which is a few weeks later than normal.  Oh, well, everything will be green again in a few days before the really hard rains start and the colder weather sets in.

I love, love, love being at Portland Saturday Market most of the time, but the rain can really "dampen" one's spirit.  The bright holiday lights coming up soon, though, help to brighten things up again, though.

Oh, here's a photo that I took of the above flower painting.  As you can see, I cheated a little on the painting, especially with an added petal to the right rear -- the photo looks too much like an angel as it really is; and while I like angels just fine, I didn't want anyone to think I was trying to paint an angel-flower.  Just too cheesy for me, I'm afraid.

Again, this flower was quite large, 3-4" diameter, I would say, and all alone beside a traffic control-type box on Naito Parkway, along the Willamette River here in Portland.  A beautiful find!

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