Sunday, December 30, 2012

Progress Photos of a Commissioned Painting

For the first time, I'm showing the progress of a painting I'm doing to others.  I usually don't allow anyone at all even to enter my studio, much less see a painting in progress.  But I think it's finally time to get over my silly fear - after all, we're all going to start afresh starting day-after-tomorrow, January 1.  I'm just getting a bit of a head start on it.   These photos are listed from earliest at the top to the latest at the bottom.  I haven't finished the painting yet, so there will be another small group to follow in the next few days.  (It may be a few because I have a cold coming on.)  The earliest few photos were shot every 1/2 hour (I failed to record the drawing process; it will come the next time I try this progress-project), and then I started shooting every 15 minutes.  I found that I worked a bit more diligently and with greater purpose if I got an update every 15 minutes.  Here goes:

This is Mr. Jake, and I think he's quite handsome.  Again, he'll be finished in just a few more 15-minute segments, but it might be a few days before I can get back to him.  I'm going down fast - ugh!

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