Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Two Beautiful Golden Retrievers

This is a commissioned painting I finished recently for a birthday recipient.  With permission from the client, I have added photos of him as he received his painting.  They are below.

A note to Carol:  I'm sorry I've been so slow getting your painting listed on my blog.  My family and I have all been suffering from the flu over the past week or so -- I can't even remember how long because it seems someone has been sick forever here.  I was the last to catch it, and I think I am about finished with it now.  Listen up, Everyone!  I am a silly person when it comes to shots -- I am terrified of them!  Don't put off getting your flu shots, fear of needles or not!  Flu is not a pleasant way to spend a week; a shot only hurts for seconds.  Don't put it off; I promise you the flu is much, much worse than the shot.

Here's the birthday boy admiring the painting of his two favorite sweeties, Indy and Sadie.

Another shot of the birthday festivities and "the gift."

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