Friday, March 1, 2013

Portland Saturday Market Opening March 2, 2013 for our 40th Year!

I'm back at the Portland Saturday Market starting tomorrow for its 40th season.  While I am a relatively recent market member (I started in 1994), there are many artists/craftspeople who have been there from the very first day back in 1973.   I'm excited about going back again and hope some of you come down to the market and drop by my booth and say hi.  My space number this year is #338, just up the steps on the first row nearest the red information trailer.  The weather is going to be pretty cooperative this weekend, so I'm looking forward to a fun, busy weekend.  I have lots of new paintings, including this beautiful rooster:

I just finished him a few days ago and just got photos taken of him today.  I'm always trying to do too much when there's a deadline looming, such as getting everything ready for the market again after a two-month hiatus!  Anyway, I really like the way he turned out.  He's painted in acrylic paints on an 11x14x1.5" stretched canvas.  He's also being listed on Etsy; so wherever he sells first, I'll remove him from the other venue.

Keep an eye out:  There are lots more farm animals on my "to-do" list.  They're a fun new direction for me.  Now if I could only get some landscapes in.  They're what I'm really, really excited about starting!


Jen said...

Oh, he looks great! There's a bit of fire and feistiness in his eyes that I've seen in more than a few living roosters. Great colours too!

Dottie said...

Thanks so much, Jen. He was fun to paint! I had a photo I was working from, and I just tossed it away and "winged it." Very liberating!