Thursday, September 4, 2014

See "My Paris, France Vacation 2014" Page to Follow My Trip Information

So I don't bore others who are only interested in my artwork, I've added a page about my Paris vacation.  I post on it pretty much every day, but it doesn't show as a new listing, so check it out daily if you're interested.  In it, I talk about jet lag, packing lightly, list of clothing for a month, traveling in general, upgraded tourist seats, what it's like to "live" in Paris for a month, etc.


Sue Betanzos said...

Dottie, you probably don't remember me, but I have been reading your posts on your trips and upcoming travel plans and now You are there - Yay!

I am an artist who contacted you quite a while back to share art info. Then you became too busy and we stopped writing.

It's been in my mind a long time to do a similar trip except I don't have family to do my business end and would hire someone to do it.

Keep posting on Your travel experiences in Paris! I do read them even if this is the first time I've actually commented. :) They are helpful in stoking my courage to take a trip too.

Dottie said...

Hi, Sue! I'm so thrilled that my journal of my trip interests you -- and that perhaps it will inspire you to follow your dream, too! (And maybe I can help iron out a few rough spots for you by letting you know them when I encounter them -- and how I have handled them (or not!)