Tuesday, August 4, 2015

How Time Slips Away!

I had no idea how much time has passed since my last post.  I've only done a couple of paintings since that time, too, and I'll post them later.  At this time, I -- and all my family, including spouse, daughter, her husband, and my little granddaughter -- and of course, all of our various pets, including Winry the horse -- are moving!

We have been looking for a forever place for a long time but didn't expect anything just to pop up!  Isn't that the way life often is?  We've been searching all over the entire country - and Europe, too -- for that perfect place.  It turns out that it (Ellensburg, Washington) was just a few hours north of us, smack in the center of the State of Washington!

We -- well, my daughter -- found a perfect old farmhouse on a few acres of land.  Of course, knowing us, it had to be a bit eccentric, so it also has a gigantic old red brick building with a really interesting history.  About a hundred years ago, it was the center of what was euphemistically called a "poor farm," a place where people really, really down on their luck lived (in apartments inside the building) and worked on the adjoining farmland to "earn their keep."  We're still doing research on the place and will do our best to try to preserve it because it, too, has fallen down on its luck over the past few decades.  I'll eventually post photos of it because it's really quite interesting inside.