Tuesday, February 9, 2010

borzoi profile painting

This is an 8x10 Borzoi painting I finished last week before I started my "other-animals-than-dogs" painting sidetrack.  I love it, and it's more what I'm after than the too-tight work I had begun to do before I decided to take my break.  It's the last dog I painted before my self-imposed break from dog paintings.  I hope to have more in a similar style when I return to dogs.  The original is still for sale.


S. H. D'Artigné said...

Your blog is nice, and your art is really well executed :)

Ann from TrainPetDog.com Puppy Housetraining said...

Oh wow! Your work is amazing! Great job for that dog painting! You really got a great hand for art to do such. I just wish I could also paint just like you. But I don't have the ability and the skills. LOL