Monday, February 15, 2010

Chinook Dog, Sled Dog, with Helicoptor Ears

I love dogs with helicoptor ears!  This is a painting I did from photos that were submitted to me by a person I met at the recent Rose City Classic Dog Show, here in Portland, OR.  I think their ears are generally upright, and I'll eventually get one painted in that orientation.  But this one I just couldn't resist.  She, his mom, calls him "silly Willy" in this painting.

She gave me a bit of info about Chinooks, too.  They're quite rare and really are sled dogs and I think are located mostly in the Northwest US - and maybe Canada.  They're really beautiful, I think.

By the way, this painting is one I decided to do while in the midst of my painting anything-but-dogs phase.  I'm pleased with the results -- and I think it is looser, not so serious, and was just a lot more fun to paint!  So those of you waiting to have me do a commissioned painting for you, the wait will be worth it!  I can tell!

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