Monday, September 24, 2012

This past weekend at Portland Saturday Market

Well, it was a quiet day in Lake Wobegon --- oh, sorry, I meant at Portland Saturday Market (Oregon)!  It was a really quiet weekend, but too bad for those of you who didn't make it down there because the weather was absolutely perfect!  Sunshine, nice warm temperatures, lots of great art (mine included, of course), entertainment, weird people (yes, they make the market special, and they're not tooooo w-e-i-r-d, of course -- well, except for that scantily-dressed guy who was walking past with not much on but some deer horns somehow attached perfectly to his head!)

I took two new paintings that I finished last week (a Frenchie on a bright background and another iteration of one of my favorite subjects, the Jersey cow - which I titled aptly "Jersey girl.")  But, alas, there were very few people to see my artwork, so I got to visit with my fellow artists and craftspeople more than I usually do.

We're only going to have a few more nice weekends (I'm warning you:  the rains are coming!!), so do try to get down there if you live in the area -- or if you're visiting the area -- while the weather is still nice.  It's worth the time taken to get there.

I rearranged my booth this weekend - bad idea! - but it didn't work at all, so I'm going back to my usual layout for next weekend.  I guess it's worth shaking things up a bit from time to time just to see what falls out.  The layout I tried, though, ended up being too crowded in the "customer area" and made it difficult for people with dogs or in wheelchairs to even get into my booth - what was I thinking!!!   Anyway, if you had difficulty getting in for any reason, be assured that it'll be back to "normal" by next weekend.

I have a few photos to upload that are from the market when I have the time to upload them.  I think you'll find some of them really interesting -- especially one concerning the above-mentioned Jersey cow.  Coming soon . . . .

Friday, September 21, 2012

A Sweet Little French Bulldog on a Bright Background

This is a cute little guy I painted this past week and am taking to the Portland Saturday Market tomorrow.  I photographed this pup and one other Frenchie owned by a customer, who allowed me to photograph her dogs to possibly paint them.  I have finished this one and will start on the other one this coming week.  So thank you, dear customer; I'm sorry, I didn't get your name.  But if you want the original painting (11x14x3/4" stretched canvas), be sure to come by the market this weekend -- or email me ( and let me know so I can hold it for you.  It's $100 plus shipping if necessary.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Beautiful Blue Pit Bull -- and Trials and Tribulations of trying to use my Blog as a Website!

Okay, I tried to embed my Etsy store here, and I can't figure it out.  Darn, I would rather just paint!  But I feel I need a connection with the internet now that I've tossed out my website, and I was hoping to use my blog to serve that need.  Obviously, I'll keep trying, but now I need to paint.

I'll add one painting I finished a few days ago, which the original has already been sold, but I do have prints available at my Etsy  (  and Artfire ( shops.    

This is a beautiful "blue" pit bull which I did for a customer -- not a custom, as I've stated before, but one from photos she submitted to me in hopes that I would paint it.  I did.  And she bought the original -- again, at a fraction of the prices I charge (when I'm taking orders for them, which I'm not at present) for custom paintings.  I think he turned out beautifully.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Happy Boxer, Smiling, on Turquoise

I just finished this painting this morning and am quite happy with it.  The original is on an 11x14x3/4" stretched canvas.  (Update:  Sorry, the original painting has been sold.

Prints (8x10" and 11x14") are still available at both my Etsy and Artfire shops (See tabs linking you to either shop at the top of my blog.

I finally got fed up with trying to keep up my website,, so I cancelled it.  It no longer exists, but my email,, does still works.  I realized that, with all the other venues where I show my artwork, I had redundant information on my website.  Plus, I was just having some technical problems with it.  I feel better having dropped it!